Are you a City Official, Government or Policy Influencer, Looking for Housing Solutions?

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    Domus Vitae Designs for Inclusive, Affordable Healthy Living

    Many residents demand, and city/town/county Comprehensive Plans touch on, affordable housing. We must be careful not to simply continue the status quo of affordable housing, and instead advance inclusive health, full accessibility, All-Age, All-Ability and All-Income home and housing. We can help you increase the desirability of your market, retain your community base, and promote you as a leader in providing Healthy Living and Optimized Housing Opportunities.


    Domus Vitae provides Optimized Housing for Everyone

    We believe in, and take action upon, providing Housing Solutions for every community member, regardless of age, ability, race, preference or income. In doing so we can expand your investment and buyer markets. There is perhaps no greater Social Impact than expanding Health and Wellbeing to many, and together with Domus Vitae you can capitalize on putting your shoulder behind this collective effort.


    Domus Vitae can Help You Advance Your Comprehensive Plan

    We bring over a decade of experience serving and “chairing” a Planning & Zoning Commission, writing a Comprehensive Plan and progressing a legacy Land Use Code. We combine these experiences with decades of designing, developing and building across the country, everything from master-planned large campuses to Single-Family Homes and Small Care Residences. We utilize these experiences to find Choice Land For Sale and “priming the pump” with Healthy Housing Solutions. We can work with your team to deliver your constituents market-leading healthy living options.


    Domus Vitae’s Designs Go Beyond Cost Efficiency

    We recognize and embrace the necessity of cost efficiency. We utilize time-tested, common design and construction techniques, market-typical construction materials and methods in all of our designs. We have not invented any new material or construction method, but instead we harness simple, strategic and principled geometries and common building materials to provide desperately-needed healthy affordable housing solutions. Our low costs and high quality come from sound, predictable methods utilized throughout design and construction. Together we can provide predictable and successful healthy housing solutions.