Are you a Homeowner, New to Housing or Interested in Healthier Housing Solutions?

    We can help -

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    Domus Vitae’s Focus is Health and Wellbeing at Home

    Our leading edge is innovation for healthy living. We have designs and drawings ready for Single-Family, Duplex, Triplex, Multi-Family, Direct Care and more, each fully-accessible, health-inclusive, energy-efficient, maximizing daylighting and outdoor connections and purposed for All-Age, All-Ability, All-Income. Wellbeing starts at home, and we can provide you with a home, or homes, that nurture you, optimizes your health and resilience, reduces your health care needs and costs. Imagine homes designed such that you and your loved ones can stay home, avoid senior living, reduce medical needs, live optimally longer, together – this is exactly what Domus Vitae brings to the table.

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    Domus Vitae can Help to Fully Capitalize on Your Property

    Whether you own a property, searching for land, want to build or add on, we can do more than help. We can provide you with actionable Housing Solutions that maximize your asset value. Health, wellbeing, accessibility and telemedicine, each can be leveraged such that you build for now and the future. Together we can create sustained healthy living for you and your family, and for the greater real estate market if you are interested in selling or investing or both.

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    Domus Vitae Innovates for Cost-Efficiency and Sustainable Healthy Living

    As property and construction costs continue to inflate we must be innovative and progressive in how we build cost-efficiently. The housing sector has been stagnant in design and innovation for too long, causing many of us to lose our homes, be forced to move into senior living and away from our companions and communities. Domus Vitae’s Transformative Designs are the answer we need today, addressing calls for not just affordable housing, but Healthy, Inclusive, Fully-Accessible, Energy-Efficient and Versatile Housing.

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    Take Advantage of Lending and Financing Opportunities

    We research and document lending and financial opportunities and can help you optimize your housing investment. There are many lending opportunities and creative financial strategies available to build, including but not limited to: Construction Loans, Conventional and Portfolio Loans, FHA Loans, VA Loans, Physician Loans, USDA Loans and more. There are loans available for zero or low down payments, as well as tax credits and grants that can be leveraged.

    Together we can create optimal financing and housing solutions.