Are you a Realtor or Otherwise Interested in Selling Land?

    We can help -

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    Domus Vitae has Optimized Designs and Drawings Ready To Go

    We offer Single-Family, Duplex, Tri-Plex, Four-Plex, Large and Small Scale Multi-Family, Direct Care Homes and more. All designs are fully-accessible, energy-efficient, and optimized for all-income, all-age and all-ability healthy living. Our goal is to strategically accelerate the housing development process, which can bring you faster and more sales. Contact us to Learn More.

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    Domus Vitae Carefully Selects Advantageous Land For Sale

    We review many properties for sale and compare them with cost and benefit analysis, zoning characteristics and more, to find properties primed and ready for healthy affordable living. Become a Domus Vitae Member and Access our Map of Prime Land For Sale. Our goal is to find choice property and prime-the-pump for successful housing developments. Let us know if you have, or know of Land For Sale, that may be a good fit.

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    Domus Vitae’s Transformative Design Unlocks Markets

    Our country is full of diversity and we can work together to serve the range of diversity. Domus Vitae’s Housing Solutions were created to deliver healthy living to all incomes, all ages and all abilities. With better design, and cost-efficient construction, we can expand the buyer market, make it inclusive, reach and serve many.

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    Domus Vitae’s Ready-To-Go Designs go Beyond Cost Efficiency

    Nearly every community needs housing for low-come persons, the workforce, our veterans, those of age and disability, and more. We have cracked codes to deliver all-age, all-ability, inclusive healthy housing designs. We can work together to fast-track inclusive healthy housing by expanding the buyer market to include everyone in every community.