Are you a Developer, Building Owner or otherwise Interested in New Opportunities?

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    Domus Vitae’s Transformative Designs Unlock Markets

    Our country is full of diversity and we can work together to serve the range of personal experiences. Domus Vitae’s Housing Solutions were created to deliver healthy living to all incomes, all ages and all abilities. With better design, and cost-efficient construction, we can expand the buyer market, make it inclusive, reach and serve many.

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    Domus Vitae can Help to Fully Capitalize on Land Assets

    Whether you own a property, searching for land, want to build or add on, we can do more than help. We can provide you with actionable Housing Solutions that maximize your asset value. Health, wellbeing, accessibility and telemedicine, each can be leveraged such that you build for now and the future. Together we can create sustained healthy living for you and your family, and for the greater real estate market if you are interested in selling or investing or both.

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    Domus Vitae can Help You Take Advantage of Low Rates and Tax Credits

    We are currently benefiting from Historically-Low Mortgage Rates, however they will not last indefinitely. There are also many potential Tax Credit opportunities beyond Low Income Housing Tax Credits (LIHTC), including but not limited to Historic Tax Credits and Opportunity Zone Tax Credits. We can also take advantage of creative financing opportunities like the Commercial Property-Assessed Clean Energy Program (CPACE) to deliver energy-efficient healthy and affordable Single-Family and Multi-Family housing. Together, we can combine your housing investment interests with Domus Vitae’s strategically versatile designs for inclusive healthy living, to deliver desperately needed Housing Solutions.

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    Domus Vitae finds Choice Land For Sale and has Designs Ready To Go

    We recognize the value of “Speed To Market”, however this can not be successfully delivered without Quality Assurance. We combine Choice Land For Sale with Best Practices and Transformative Innovation in All-Income, All-Age and All-Ability Healthy Housing. We crack codes and prime projects to deliver Healthy Housing Solutions and Strategic Investments. Click Here to Learn More