Are you interested in COVID Care Homes or All-Age Healthy Housing?

    We can help -

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    Domus Vitae has Direct Care Housing Designs and Drawings Ready To Go

    We offer Direct Care Homes and Housing, Single-Family, Duplex, Tri-Plex, Four-Plex, Large and Small Scale Multi-Family. All designs are fully-accessible, energy-efficient, and optimized for all-income, all-age and all-ability healthy living. Our goal is to provide healthy housing for all ages, all abilities and for all levels of care.

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    Opportunities for Quarantine and Isolation may not ease after COVID

    With COVID we have found patients passed around between hospitals, senior living and nursing homes, trying to find isolation. We have designed housing to isolate residents with short and long-term healthy housing, while also separating and easing nursing staff supports.

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    Domus Vitae’s Designs allow you to Adjust to the Changing Market

    What if you could design housing that adapts to your care and operational needs. Domus Vitae’s Direct Care Homes can change to market-typical housing and back, based on your residents needs and the market wants.

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    Domus Vitae can Help to Fully Capitalize on Land Assets

    Whether you own a property, searching for land, want to build or add on, we can do more than help. We can provide you with actionable Housing Solutions that maximize your asset value. Health, wellbeing, accessibility and telemedicine, each can be leveraged such that you build for now and the future. Together we can create sustained healthy living for you and your family, and for the greater real estate market if you are interested in selling or investing or both.