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    Domus Vitae Leverages Local Comprehensive Plans and Zoning Codes

    We work directly with Local Development Departments, Officials, Planning & Zoning Commissions, Zoning Regulations, City Comprehensive Plans and more to craft and create Healthy Affordable Housing Solutions. We bring decades of experience designing, developing and building across the country, everything from Masterplanning Large Campuses to Single-Family Homes and Small Care Residences. We find Choice Land For Sale and “Prime the Pump” with Healthy Housing Solutions.

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    Home Prices Continue Steady Inflation, Yet Status Quo Design Remains

    Median Home Prices have continued to climb and Real Estate continues to offer strong and steady returns. As we begin to focus on technologies, smart homes, telemedicine and home health care, we will find more opportunities to deliver Healthy and Affordable Housing Solutions. By designing for all ages, all abilities and all incomes, we increase the value of the housing asset within its community. Together we can connect personal and family health initiatives with new and transformative housing opportunities, and do it cost effectively.

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    Domus Vitae finds Choice Land For Sale and has Designs Ready To Go

    We recognize the value in “Speed To Market”, however this can not be successfully delivered without Quality Assurance. We combine Choice Land For Sale with Best Practices and Transformative Innovation in All-Income, All-Age and All-Ability Healthy Housing. We crack codes and prime projects to deliver Healthy Housing Solutions and Strategic Investments. Click Here to Learn More

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    Domus Vitae’s Versatile Design Solutions Serve Whole Communities

    Our designs and Housing Solutions are not only Healthy and Affordable, but Fully-Accessible and designed for Inclusion. We have numerous prototype designs ready to go, delivering strategic and predictable healthy living opportunities to all members of the community. To do this we leverage versatility with practical geometry and time-tested construction techniques. Our versatile housing solutions can elevate the efficiency and success of your pre-construction and development efforts.