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    Domus Vitae can Help You Take Advantage of Low Rates and Tax Credits

    We are currently benefiting from Historically Low Mortgage Rates, however they will not last indefinitely. There are also many Tax Credit opportunities beyond Low Income Housing Tax Credits (LIHTC), including but not limited to Historic Tax Credits and Opportunity Zone Tax Credits. We can also take advantage of creative financing opportunities like the Commercial Property-Assessed Clean Energy Program (CPACE) to deliver energy-efficient healthy and affordable Multi-Family housing. Together, we can combine your housing investment interests with Domus Vitae’s strategically versatile designs for inclusive healthy living, to deliver desperately needed Housing Solutions.

  • Current Mortgage Interest Rates

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    Higher Property, Material and Labor Costs leading to Low-Supply

    We have had a shortage in low-income housing, and now with the Pandemic, decreases in construction materials and associated higher costs, we have a dire need for new affordable housing solutions. With Baby Boomers and Millennials at the door we anticipate Homeownership Rates near 70% this year. Many communities across the country are in desperate need for Workforce Housing, yet adjacent property owners often balk at higher density housing. Domus Vitae is ready with Housing Solutions to each of these supply challenges.

  • Monthly Housing Supply

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    Domus Vitae’s Designs Go Beyond Cost Efficiency

    We believe cost efficiency is a virtue for every design and construction effort, and we leverage it accordingly. We utilize time-tested, traditional design and construction techniques, and market-typical construction materials and methods in all our designs. We have not invented any new material or construction method, but instead we harness simple, strategic, and principled geometries to provide desperately needed healthy affordable housing solutions. Our low costs and high quality come from sound, predictable cost-efficient methods.

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    Real Estate and Land Costs Continue Steady Growth

    We study many maps and databases searching for optimal Housing Opportunities. In many markets the Land Costs prohibit development resulting in increased local housing demand. We recognize property costs are likely to continue to steadily increase across the country. Accordingly, Domus Vitae acutely focuses on Cost Efficiency Strategies, developing Low-Cost Housing Solutions, to counteract land and development costs. We should not rest on status quo design and methodology, instead innovate for lower development costs while increasing market value.