Domus Vitae Innovates for Cost-Efficiency and Sustainable Healthy Living

    As property and construction costs continue to rise we must be innovative and progressive in how we build cost-efficiently. The housing sector has been stagnant in design and innovation for too long, causing many of us to lose our homes, be forced to move into senior living and away from our companions and communities. We need to ask ourselves how our Homes can support Sustained Healthy Living for Everyone. Domus Vitae’s Transformative Designs are the answer we need today, addressing calls for not just affordable housing, but Healthy, Inclusive, Fully-Accessible, Energy-Efficient and Versatile Housing.


    Homes and Housing Should Encourage Healthy Living

    We can cultivate physical, mental and social wellbeing at home. This is a unifying thread through Domus Vitae’s Housing Solutions. Our housing stock is in need of innovation toward home health care and sustained healthy living. We should not only embrace telehealth technologies but also provide space for individuals to grow and thrive personally and with family and friends.


    Domus Vitae’s Transformative Designs Advance Healthy Living

    Our country has been shifting toward enhanced smart technologies and telemedicine, and with the Pandemic we’ve found ourselves accelerating toward Home Health Care. Domus Vitae believes in, and takes action upon, providing Housing Solutions for every community member, especially those who require supportive care. There is perhaps no greater Social Impact than expanding Health and Wellbeing to many, and together with Domus Vitae you can capitalize on putting your shoulder behind this collective effort.


    Domus Vitae’s Solutions Go Beyond Energy Efficiency

    We have projects, designs and drawings ready to go for low-to-no energy use. Our versatile housing designs can support numerous energy saving and energy harvesting systems. By building energy reduction into the structure from early in design, and maximizing energy efficiency in the short and long term, we do what is not only environmentally responsible, but fiscally responsible as well.

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